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Kings Unit 7

Thursday 12th November, 1938



Hitler and Goebbels found the proper pretext to start an offensive against the jews through a murder that occured in Paris. Actually, the Nazi Party has planned this night a long time ago.

Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1988-078-08, Herschel Feibel Grynszpan.jpg
Herschel Grynszpan
On the morning of the 9th of November, Ernst Eduard vom Rath, secretary of the German embassy in Paris, died after fighting for his life in the hospital because of seven gunshot wounds. Two days earlier, a Polish teenager of Jewish ascent named Herschel Grynszpan fired at him without any known political motive. This murder was spread in Germany by the nazis as a hate crime towards the Aryan race, even Hitler said: "All  jews are guilty of this murder". But the most of the people with whom we have spoken agree that Herschel committed the murder because of his parents's unfair ejection from Germany at the end of October. 

In a meeting with Goebbels, his propaganda minister, Hitler takes the reins of the reaction to the attack and decrees the beginning of the riot against the Jewish people.

The nazi's attacks began the early morning of the 9th and 10th November and we think that is the start of the nazisim  terror for jews: 7500 businesses, warehouses, bookstores, over 1300 Jewish synagogues, schools and hospitals burned to the hatred of a crowd led and directed by the Sturmabteilung (SA), the Schutzstaffel (SS) and the Hitler Youth, and supported by the Sicherheitsdienst (SD), the Gestapo and other police forces.

Resultado de imagen de Arbeitsdorf
One of the concentration camps
The Jews were expelled from the buildings and hundreds of them were attacked before an enraged society that responded to the success of Nazi propaganda.

The next morning, more than thirty thousand Germans were arrested for being Jews and began deportations to concentration camps like Arbeitsdorf, Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen.

Imagen relacionada
Burned synagogue
This is the testimony of one of the affected jews:

"Yesterday I saw the synagogue burn from the window of my house, when we were going to bed then some men came, took us out to the street, searched the house, took all the things from the cabinets and threw them on the floor; They took my father."


The executioners- Unit 7

16th May 1945



In this terrible experience we have been able to talk with a jewish survivor who suffered the exterminated having been in the death camps. We asked him some questions, we warn you that the testimonies can be a bit unpleasant.
Q: We know that it is hard to remember the moment lived in the camps so thank you for having accepted our request. What camp have you stayed in?
Resultado de imagen de campos de concentración auswitch birkenau
A: I have been in Auswitch-Birkenau.
Q: How did you get there?
A: Firstly, I lived in Warsaw. Suddenly, one day the Nazi army entered into the city and started looting the houses and took us to places that we didn't know. The only thing I heard was screaming, wailing and shooting. Later, they placed us in large rows in which they classified us as animals. Already classified we had to walk to the train tracks and they were getting into animal vagons. At this point I was only with my older brother and I didn't know nothing about all my whole family. My travel was too eternal in which I hadn't notion time.
Q: What was your first impression of the camp?
A: My first impression was fear, because i didn't know what they were going to do me. Seeing the armed soldiers and treating us so despicably made me feel inferior.
Q: Sure it was horrible... How did they treat you in the camp?
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A: Our lifes for them had no value. We worked all day and we did not have any reward, on the contrary they decived the prisioners saying that they would have as a reward hot showers but no one returned. After a while we realized it were not showers, were slaughterhouse...
Q: What has been the worst you have seen?
A: See my brother die, tortured by the soldiers and then be hung by the arms of a mast while a herd of hungry dogs tore every part of his body until I felt like I was snatched.
Q: How did you feel when you were free?
A: Nowadays I can't believe that I no longer have to live nightmare. But as I saw how the Soviet army came in and killed the Nazi soldiers I felt happy but at the same time sad for having lost my whole family and don't know where to go. But I will never forget everything I've lived.
Q: Thank you for sharing this hard experience with us. You are very brave.

As you can see the camps were places of torture where almost nobody left alive.



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The Dictators.

Hitler killed himself!

Last 30 of May Hitler commited suicide in his bunker with his wife.

After he realised he was going to be captured by the soviets who were crossing Berlin he decided to kill himself with his wife and part of his entourage. Because of the fear of been used like an humillating symbol for the Nazi party as Mussolini he ordered to burn his body.

Some of his officials confessed that he since the 22 of April was trough a nervous crisis when he realized the inminent defeat of the Nazi`s, the oficials also confessed that because of the crisis he started shouting the generals that they were betraying him. After that Hitler was in a bad psychologically condition. Then he expressed the intention to kill him self, and later he asked the doctor to recommend him a fast and painless way to die, his doctor recommend him to take cyanide pill and simultaneously a shoot in his head.

Some of his officials have related all the story since 28 April until his suicide.

The 28 April there was his emotional bankruptcy when he discover that Heinrich Himmler was trying to negociate a treaty of peace, he conisedered as an act of cobardy and betrayal, he considered and though that all his generals were againts him, he started to be so crazy. He started to think that the cyanide pills were false and he gave one to his doctor to prove it in his dog, Blondi, the dog died in a second.

After the midnight of 29 April he married in a little ceremony in the bunker with his girlfriend Eva Braun.

The last the 30 April in the morning he said bye to all the doctors, later he said all the steps they must do after he commited his suicide with his and wifes bodies. Later he had a silent luch with his secretaries, at the end he gave to each one a cyanide pill. At 15:30 he met with his wife in the map room and also with his helpers who closed the door and rest for about 15 minutes outside, when they entered the room they saw Hitler on the sofa with a strange grimace in his face, a shot in his head and a blood column over his face, his wife Eva Braun didn´t reach the point to shot his gun, the cyanide pill actuated and killed her faster than what she expected.

Heinz Linge made some declarations about the scene of the suicide, here there are his exact words:

"When I opened the door of his room, I found a scene that I will never forget: to the left of the sofa was Hitler, sitting and dead. Beside her, also dead, Eva Braun. On Hitler's right temple, a wound the size of a small coin could be seen, and two strands of blood ran down his cheek. A puddle of blood the size of a plate had formed on the carpet next to the sofa. The walls and couch were also spattered with spurts of blood. Hitler's right hand rested on his knee, palm facing up. The left hand hung limp. Next to Hitler's right foot, there was a gun of the Walther PPK caliber 7.65 mm type. Next to the left foot, another of the same model, but of caliber 6.35 mm. Hitler wore his gray military uniform and wore the gold badge of the Party, the Iron Cross of First Class and the medal of the wounded of the First World War; In addition, he was wearing a white shirt with a black tie, black pants, socks and black leather shoes."                  
                                                                                                                                           Heinz Linge

It isn't known where are the bodies actually, but is suposed by many people that they had been burned and hided somewhere, but it isn't a confirmed theory yet.

Is it the end of the hell?




Group 5 - Sans Culottes - Nuclear attack against Japan

Saturday, 10th August 1945.
  Manhattan, New York, New York. 


 Yesterday, the president of the American government Harry S. Truman communicated by means of the national radio the attacks against the Japanese nation. The attack involved two bombings against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in the southwest of the Japanese archipelago, with two nuclear bombs.

The first bomb called Little Boy  composed of uranium, was launched against the city of Hiroshima, on Monday, the 6th. The bomb devastated the entire city and estimated the death of 100,000 people today, and 50,000 at the moment of the impact.

These attacks were carried out as an attempt to end once and for all the World War, of which only the Japanese continued fighting against the Allies. We will continue to inform you of the consequences of the attack soon.




Three days ago, August 24th of 1944, the Ninth Division of the French Army, known as La Nueve, formed by exiled spanish soldiers, entered in the center of Paris at 21:22 through the Porte d'Italie. When they entered in the City Hall's square, the spanish tank "Ebro" shot agaisnt german troops. After that, french citizens came out to the streets singing The Marseillaise. The first liberators were spaniards, members of La Nueve. The leader of this squad, Raymond Dronne went to the commandancy of the german general Dietrich von Choltitz to ask for their surrender.

While waiting for the result of Dronne's operation, the spaniards took the Chamber of Deputies, the Majestic Hotel and the Harmony Square after having a loss. On 3:30 pm of August 25th, the German troops of Paris surrendered and the spanish troops took Von Choltitz, while other french units also entered the capital. American general Eisenhower also sent some of his troops to help the french.

Resultado de imagen de la nueve
Yesterday, August 26th, allied troops entered triumphant in Paris. The spaniards marched in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral and after that, they escorted Charles de Gaulle through the Champs Elysées. The spanish soldiers of the Leclerc Division marched with their Republican flags.

Thanks to the spanish troops, Paris was freed. Now, us, spaniards in exile are waiting for an allied intervention in Spain.

Even though Spain is neutral in the war, us, spanish republicans have helped the Allied powers, and there are some rumors that a squad known as the Blue Division, who serve the dictator Franco, still helped the Nazis after the battle of Stalingrad and some are still fighting in Berlin.

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We are going to focus on a new unit related with the II World War and Decolonisation. The biggest conflict in the world History was a terrible event that showed the worst face of the human being...

We have visited we are going to study...

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Kings Unit 6

Thursday 31st October, 1929


Millions of  losses in the bank crash

More than four thousand millions of dolars were discounted and more than two hundred sixty thousand actions of different companies were lost. At the end of last Thursday 24th, the fall was only 12 points, hardly nothing, but it had left in the most complete ruin to many American families.

People in New York after the bank crash
All started the previous year when there was a stagnation of consumption, so that the income of the companies did not offer the desired benefits to the producer.

In March of this year the strong increases continued, however, they began to circulate rumors that the Federal Reserve prepared measures that could mitigate possible economic recessions. 

The 25th of march of this year, the index fell 9,5 points. The scare was quickly forgotten and soon the Stock Exchange began to rise again with force. It was just a fall before continuing to climb, thought most. On the other hand, some investors took advantage of the two days of falling to buy "cheaper".

crack 1929
Colapse in Wall Street.
Then a few months later on Wednesday 23 of October, the stock market suffered a major blow by lowering in a single session 31 points (almost a 7%). That day was only an omen of what would happen the next day: the fateful and remembered Black Thursday of Wall Street.

On Thursday, October 24, according to historians, it was the first day of panic. That day 12 894 650 actions were transferred, many of them at prices that destroyed the dreams and hopes of those who had possessed them.
On Tuesday, October 29, confirm these suspicions less and less unfounded. The total collapse was an imminent reality. Millions of investors saw themselves from one day to the next in economic ruin: the New York Stock Exchange, the most important stock market in the world, had fallen.

The worst part of this unfortunate fact are the numerous suicides of presidents of various companies when they discovered that their actions had gone down dramatically.



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The Dictators

Suffragist rolled in the Epson Derby.

The suffragist Nancy Davidson was brutally rolled by the king's horse at the Epson Derby yesterday 4 of June in an act of manifestation.

Emily Wilding Davison was born in Blackheath in southeast London on 11 October 1872. She studied at Royal Holloway College and at Oxford University, although women are not allowed to take degrees.

By 1911, Davison was becoming increasingly militant.

 Yesterday, 4 June , she ran out in the last curve of the Epson Derby in front of the king's horse as it was taking part in it. Her purposes 
were suffragist ones, it is believed  that she was trying to put a suffragette poster on a horse to be allowed the vote for women but she was tragically and brutally trampled. At the moment she is in critical state debating between life and death. The rider called Herbert Jones suffered a mild contussion. 

This is not the first violent act of this women who was calified as one of the most agressive suffragist. Some of her suffragist partners questioned her methods. Emily begun to appear in different public acts to interrupt the public order throwing stones and attacking directly some people.

Her actitude took her to prision in 9 times where she decided to go on a hunger strike as a way of protest. Emily suffered serious fractures in the head and  the spine when the guards try to fed her up by the force. When she was serving a sentence in Holloway she decided to throw herself downstairs as a protes of her bad conditions.

She is actually nearly dead but if she recover we are sure that she won't finish her personally suffragist movement and she won't stop until she get her objective, the most important, the vote for women.



5th  May  1945


After years of suffering the partisans finish with the life of Mussolini.

Resultado de imagen de mussolini
Benito Mussolini
On 28th April a dream for the population comes true, the head of The Fascist Party of Italy, Italian Prime Minister and President of the Italian Social Republic was murdered.

In a vain attempt to flee Italy, Mussolini was captured by the Italian Resistance along with his mistress Clara Petacci and other fascist leadres. Although Mussolini initially believed that Audisio, leader of the group of communist partisants, was coming to liberate them, he took them to the village of Giulino di Mezzegra where, next to Via XXIV Maggio, and before the gates of Villa Belmonte, they were shot at 16:10.

The secret and expeditious method of execution was decided with the alleged intention of the Allies to capture Mussolini alive and prosecute him before and international tribunal. There was the possibility that he would be given a shorter sentence or absolved, while many partisans demanded instead that the dead penalty be applied to the Duce as finally decreed.

Resultado de imagen de mussolini muerte
Bodies of the fascist party

The corpses were moved in the afternoon of the same day but until 29th they weren't hung. This was done to publicly confirm his death, and as a gesture of humiliation and partisan revenge, since in that same place the bodies of 15 antifascist partisans had been hung months before. The body of Mussolini was disfigured with blows to such an extent that it was almost unrecognizable.

What will happen now to Italy?



Adolf Hitler has won the elections. 

Resultado de imagen de HITLERAs you all know, Hitler ran against Hindenburg in the 1932 presidential elections. Although he lost the elections to Hindenburg, his party became a really influencial political party, as well as Hitler, who became a powerful politician. After his appointment as Chancellor last year after two elections On 30 January 1933, the new cabinet was sworn in during a brief ceremony in Hindenburg's office. The NSDAP gained three posts: Hitler was named chancellor,Wilhelm Frick Minister of the Interior, and Hermann Göring Minister of the Interior for Prussia. Hitler had insisted on the ministerial positions as a way to gain control over the police in much of Germany. 

Some people say that the turning point which led to Hitler’s victory was the fire that destroyed the Reichstag last February, started by the communists and the Reichstag Fire Decree that came soon after. After that, 4000 communists were arrested and incarcelated without a trial. During the campaign, Hitler promoted anti-communist and paramilitary propaganda. Yesterday, March 6th, the election day, NSDPA’s share increased a 43.9% over the last election. Now, the NSDPA is the most powerful party in the country and has the highest number of seats in the parliament. Now, Hitler’s mission is to negotiate and form a Government. Long may he rule!

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